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Essex Mustang Centre Parts & Spares

Welcome to Essex Mustang Centre's Parts and Spares store.  We stock a huge selection of parts and spares for many vehicles, with a focus on the classic Ford Mustang from 1965-1973.

We offer direct shipping to customers in the United States from a domestic warehouse in California, along with full shipping from within in the United Kingdom from our warehouse in Essex, UK.

Many of the parts are in stock and ready to ship with a small delay if they are not.

Please feel free to browse our catalog of parts and accessories.

Ignition Full Mustang Body Shell Front Fender for a Mustang convertible Mustang roof

Spark Plug and Ignition Deals

Get a deal with our ignition and spark plug special offers. Currently on offer is a set of 8 spark plugs and a kit of ignition points, condensor and plugs all for just 35.

Full Mustang Body Shells

Is your current shell at a point that's beyond repair?  Perhaps you want to build a Mustang from scratch and start again?  We now stock full shells which come in a protective coating ready for priming and painting.

1965-1973 Mustang Body Parts & Panels

We stock a full range of early Ford Mustang body parts and panels.  Our range includes fenders, fire-walls, roof parts, rocker panels, quarter panels and thousands of smaller parts.

'65-'73 Convertible Roof Parts

From full convertible tops to cleaners and protective sprays, you can find them all here.  We also have instructional videos and books.

Mustang Categories

Air Conditioning Parts
65-73 Mustang Air Conditioning Parts

65-73 Mustang Audio

60-70 Speakers
60-73 Antennas
64-70 Other Audio
Head Units/CD Players
Kick Panel Speakers
67-73 Bezels

Body Mouldings
65-73 Mustang Body Mouldings

65-70 Hood Scoops
65-70 Side Scoops
Other Mouldings
Wheel Mouldings
Window Mouldings
Windshield Mouldings
67-73 Taillamp Panel Mouldings

Body Panels
65-73 Mustang Body Panels

64-68 Firewalls
64-68 Rocker Panels
64-70 Full Door Shell/Skins
64-70 Roof Parts
64-70 Torque Boxes
Shock Towers
Trunk Parts
Wheelhouse Parts
65-70 Cowl Grill Panel Assemblies
65-70 Fiberglass Reproduction Parts
65-70 Front Frame Section
Body Fasteners
Front Fender
Lower Valance
Quarter Panels & Accessories

Body Shells
65-73 Mustang Body Shells

Books, Videos & CDs
65-73 Mustang Books, Videos & CDs

59-73 Books & Manuals
65-72 Videos & DVDs

65-73 Mustang Brakes

60-73 Drum Brakes & Parts
64-70 Brake Self-Adjuster Repair Kits
64-70 Wheel Cylinder
Brake Master Cylinder
Disc Brakes & Parts
Pre-Formed Brake Line Kits

65-73 Mustang Bumpers

65-70 Front Bumper Mounting Bracket
Bumper Guard

Classic Paint
65-73 Mustang Classic Paint

64 Engine Enamels & Colour Codes
Exterior Lacquer Touch Up Paint
65 Engine Enamels & Colour Codes
Engine Enamel Colours
Interior Paint & Vinyl Dyes

Classic Restoration Tools
65-73 Mustang Classic Restoration Tools

Console Parts
65-73 Mustang Console Parts

Center Console
Complete Overhead Console

Convertible Top
65-73 Mustang Convertible Top

Convertible Top
Books, Videos & DVDs
Cleaner & Protectant
Convertible Top Boot

65-73 Mustang Cooling

63-73 Replacement Radiator
64-70 Aluminium Radiators
Radiator & Heater Hose Clamp Set
Radiator Cap
65-70 Fan Shroud
Coolant Filter
Radiator Hose
Thermostat & Parts
Water Pump
Water Temperature Sender

Dash Area
65-73 Mustang Dash Area

64-69 Ignition Switch Parts
Glove Box & Parts
65-70 Deluxe Interior Replacement Trim Kit
Dash Pads
Ford Racing Gauges
Instrument & Trim
Premium Dash Protector
Videos & DVDs

Dash/Steering Column Electrical
65-73 Mustang Dash/Steering Column Electrical

60-73 Turn Signal Parts
64-68 Underdash Wiring Loom
Horn Parts
65-66 Pony Wheel Contact Plate

65-73 Mustang Decals

Air Cleaner Decals
Cobra Windshield Banners
Decal Kits
Engine Compartment Decals
Ford Oval Logo
Jack & Spare Tire Decals
Miscellaneous Decals
Sill Plate Decals

Door/Window Hardware
65-73 Mustang Door/Window Hardware

64-70 Vent Window Assembly & Parts
Window Crank Handles
Window Regulators
65-67 Door & Window Handle Kits
65-70 Power Window Conversion Kits
Door Handles & Parts
Door Hinges
Door Latch Assembly & Parts
Lock Rods & Assembly
Remote Door Handle Control
68 Deluxe Door Pulls

65-73 Mustang Emblems

Name Plates
65-68 Emblem Kits
65-68 Front Fender Ornaments
65-72 Other
69-70 Hood Scoop Ornaments

Engine Compartment Electrical
65-73 Mustang Engine Compartment Electrical

60-73 Other
62-73 Voltage Regulators
64-70 Headlamp Wire Loom
64-71 Firewall To Engine
Battery Parts
Electrical Fasteners
Remanufactured Alternators & Distributors
Starter Relay Switch
66-73 Alternator/Generator Wire Loom

Engine Dress-Up & Hardware
65-73 Mustang Engine Dress-Up & Hardware

56-73 Oil Pans
58-73 Valve Covers
64-70 Replacement Oil Filler/Breather Cap
Chrome Engine Pulleys
Motor Mounts
Ford Racing Parts
March Performance

Engine Performance & Gaskets
65-73 Mustang Engine Performance & Gaskets

57-73 Other
57-74 Pertronix Parts
60-73 Head Gasket
63-72 Air Filter
63-73 Intake Manifold
Air Cleaner
Camshaft Gear
Carburetor Mounting Gaskets
Gasket Sets
Timing Gear/Chain/Cover
Water Pump
65-69 Carburetors
Edelbrock Parts
Strip Distributors
68-73 Vaccum Hose Kits

65-73 Mustang Exhaust

Dual Exhaust Tips
Exhaust Components
Exhaust Pipe/Gasket
Header Pipe/Studs/Nuts

Exterior Lamp Electrical
65-73 Mustang Exterior Lamp Electrical

64-72 Parking Lamp
Head Lamp
Tail Lamp
65-70 Back Up Lamp
65-70 Turn Signal
68-73 Side Maker Lamp

Fasteners & Master Fastener Kits
65-73 Mustang Fasteners & Master Fastener Kits

63-73 Other
65-66 Mirror Fasteners
Body Fasteners
Chassis Fasteners
Engine Fasteners
Interior Trim & Fastener Kits
Radiator & Heater Hose Clamp Sets

Ford Original Tooling Dash Pads
65-73 Mustang Ford Original Tooling Dash Pads

65-73 Mustang Fuel

Preformed Fuel Lines
Accelerator Parts
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Tank Parts

65-73 Mustang Glass

64-68 Vent Window Glass
Door Window Glass
Front Windshield Glass
Quarter Window Glass
Rear Window Glass
67-68 Door Glass Kits
67-68 Quarter Window Assembly

Grille & Grille Molding
65-73 Mustang Grille & Grille Molding

64-70 Billet Grilles
65-68 Fog Lamp
Grille Components

65-73 Mustang Heating

60-73 Other
64-70 Assembly
Reproduction Heater Hose/Core
Temperature Cable Assembly

Hood & Trunk Hardware
65-73 Mustang Hood & Trunk Hardware


65-73 Mustang Ignition

65-73 Mustang Instruments

64-66 Rally Pacs
64-70 Temperature Gauges
Instrument Bezel
65-70 Digital Instrument Clusters
Ford Racing

Interior Hard Trim & Hardware
65-73 Mustang Interior Hard Trim & Hardware

Seatbelts & Hardware
65-67 Bucket Seat Hardware
65-70 Rear Seat
65-70 Window Package Trays
Coat Hooks
Hand Cups
Kick Panel
Reproduction Panels & Moldings
69-73 Sportsroof

Interior Lamp & Electrical
65-73 Mustang Interior Lamp & Electrical

Interior Soft Trim
65-73 Mustang Interior Soft Trim

64-65 Carpet
64-67 Headrests
Arm Rest
65-66 Conversion Kits
65-68 Carbon Fiber Look
65-68 Carpet
65-68 Full Interior Kits
65-68 Quarter Trim Upholstery
65-68 Seat Backs
65-68 Vinyl Covered Package Trays
Deluxe Upholstery
Door Panels
Padded Sun Visors
Standard Upholstery
Videos & DVDs
69-70 Carpet
69-73 Mach 1 Upholstery

65-73 Mustang Mirrors

Resto-Mod Parts
65-73 Mustang Resto-Mod Parts

60-69 Remanufactured Carburetors
64-67 Headrests
64-70 PWR Aluminium Radiators
3 Point Retractable Shoulder Harness Seatbelt Kits
Disc Brake Conversion Kits
Instrument Panels & Clusters
BAER Disc Brake Upgrade Systems
Fiberglass Reproduction Parts
Performance Leaf Springs
65-75 Strip Distributors
69-70 Shaker Scoop

65-73 Mustang Steering

64-69 Steering Wheels
Idler Arm
Deluxe Steering Wheels
Power Steering
Steering Column
Steering Kits
Steering Pump
Steering Rod Center Drag Link
Tie Rod End

Stripe Kits
65-73 Mustang Stripe Kits

Suspension Parts
65-73 Mustang Suspension Parts

Leaf Spring
Shock Absorbers
Sway Bars
Coil Springs
Monte Carlo Bars
Urethane Suspension Bushings

Transmission Parts
65-73 Mustang Transmission Parts

Pre-Formed Transmission Fluid & Vacuum Lines
65-70 Pedal Pad Kits
RAM Clutches
Speedometer Parts
Universal Joint

Trunk Area
65-73 Mustang Trunk Area

Tote Bags

65-73 Mustang Weatherstripping

Belt Line Weatherstrip Kits
Body Rubber Plug Kits
Weatherstrip Kits

65-73 Mustang Wheels

60-73 Other

Wiper Parts
65-73 Mustang Wiper Parts

New Products For December

Points, Condenser and Spark Plug Kit for '65-'73 Mustang


Ignition Condensor to fit '65-'74 Mustang


Bosch DR6BC Spark Plug Set (x8) to fit '65-'73 Mustang


1965-70 Mustang Full Length Floor Pan - LH & RH (Coupe/Fastback)


1965-66 Ford Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield Kit Deluxe


1965-66 Ford Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield Kit


1965-66 Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield - RH Rear With Rubber Seal


1965-66 Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield - RH Front With Rubber Seal


1965-66 Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield - LH Rear With Rubber Seal


1965-66 Mustang Front Fender Splash Shield - LH Front With Rubber Seal


Mustang Fiberglass Reproduction Part - 1968 Shelby Tail Lamp Panel


Mustang Fiberglass Reproduction Part - 1967 Shelby Tail Lamp Panel For Use Cougar Lenses

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