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Welcome to Essex Mustang Centre's Parts and Spares store.  We stock a huge selection of parts and spares for many vehicles, with a focus on the classic Ford Mustang from 1965-1973. We offer direct shipping to customers in the United States from a domestic warehouse in California, along with full shipping from within in the United Kingdom from our warehouse in Essex, UK. Many of the parts are in stock and ready to ship with a small delay if they are not. Please feel free to browse our catalog of parts and accessories.

A few of the Ford Mustangs we restore in our workshopThe owners of Essex Mustang Centre have been in the automotive restoration industry for over 30 years and know how hard it was back then to find parts for a particular car or project. We first started importing car spares and parts back in the mid 90's when the Internet was in its infancy and parts were found by calling over seas or sending faxes - times have moved on and so have we.

We now ship from the USA every week for smaller items, once every two weeks for slightly larger items and our main shipment once every 4-6 weeks (for body panels, glass and bulky items). Although if a large item is not in stock we can UPS it in at a small additional cost. We also have a great technical back up, so if you are looking for a part and need to know how it fits or how hard it is to change or any technical advice on parts, just ask.

As new parts become available we aim to offer them for sale before any one else so just because that part you are looking for is not on our site does not mean we can't get it for you - just ask.

We use all the parts we sell so know how they fit and how work, we are not just a reseller of parts with no application knowledge, so if you if you buy a part from us we can tell you how it fits and what (if any) problems you may come across in fitting. We also offer a re-triming service on all the interior trim we sell, so no more looking for a trimmer once you have bought your new trim. We can pick up your old set of trim, replace with new and send it back, all you have to do is bolt it in.

We believe our back up to be second to none; after all its not just about price (although we strive to be the most competitive in the market place) it's about support after with help and advice.

Mustangs started as a hobby for us and now it's our business and our aim is to help others with there Mustang hobby or restoration project. Thank you for your custom.

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This Week's Featured Products


Below are our main categories. We have further subcategories inside each of these.

Air Conditioning Parts

Air conditioning ventsFinding the right air conditioning part can quickly become a bit of nightmare, so if you are here looking for something to help keep you cool on those warm summer days this is the right place for you. we provide various different styles of the compatible air conditioners with a 65-73, whether it’s a wire loom or a 2-ring register style of air conditioner that you need!

We sell both parts and full systems so if you want to help keep your car a nice and comfortable place to be on a sticky summer you should start here.


RadioThinking of banging up the music when you travel? Well, to do so you’ll need to have reliable audio system to fall back upon. We provide a wealth of full audio systems, as well as specific parts so we should have everything you need to make sure your trips are no longer filled with just your own thoughts.

Getting out on the road in a Mustang is a thrilling experience – but it’s made even better with your favourite tunes blaring out of the windows with you. Look through our various audio systems to pick from to keep yourself rocking on!

Body Mouldings

ScoopBody mouldings come in various styles – it could be for you windows, your wheels or even the sides of the vehicle. Whatever it is that you need, we can help you hunt it down with ease. Our list of various body mouldings can be the catalyst you need to totally change up the look and style of your vehicle.

Don’t let your vehicle become tarnished looking or start to lose its appeal on you – keeps it vibrant and exciting looking with a wide range of body mouldings to pick from. Restore your vehicle back to its original glory with ease!

Body Panels

Front fenderThroughout the years you’ll find that your vehicle has come to need a few replacements and repairs to the body panels – this is only natural. We can help you find the very piece that you need as we stock a wealth of excellent products to pick from.

With a classic car, you need to get something that genuinely fits – not something that can get crammed in there and “do a job”. We can help you find that right piece so that you aren’t trying to fit any round pegs into some square holes. Keep your Mustang totally classic with body panels.

Body Shells

Complete body shellA body shell can be necessary to make sure that you keep that old-school look to your vehicle. Is the old shell beginning to lose its style? Or has it been damaged beyond any kind of feasible repair? Then you might want to consider picking up a body shell to replace the old one.

This gives you the full package and makes sure that your car does not need to lose its soul should it go through a significant or serious crash. You can replace virtually everything and restore your car back to its old glories and style easily.

Books, Videos & CDs

BookNot everything we sell is merely a part of a replacement, though. we understand that many Mustang fans will have curious minds about the cars and their history, their make-up and everything else you can possibly think of. We’ve compiled an expert list of books and manuals that can give you all the information you need.

These come in CD format as well, so you can get some excellent learning material to take on those long drives when you’ve exhausted all of your current albums of choice and want something a bit more relaxing to listen to on the road!


Selection of brake partsAs you can imagine, having fully working brakes is not only recommended for your own safety – it’s a legal requirement. Given that the Mustang is a classic car it’s not too surprising that, after many years of use, the brakes need a bit of work carried out.

We can help you find replacement parts partially or entirely for your current braking system. Having working and safe brakes should always be a priority and our wide selection of kits, wheel cylinders and drum brakes add up to give you all the help you could possibly need to get roadworthy.


Rear bumperBumpers come in various forms but are very useful to have for your car – not only does it help add to that classic look, it gives you some extra protection in any kind of collision. Depending on what you need we can help you find either a full new bumper or even just a few bolts & screws to get them on in the first place.

Bumpers are very useful for making sure your car remains safe and also ticks all the boxes needed to make it driveable on the roads, so make sure you browse our bumpers section.

Classic Paint

Spray canWhat use is there in having the old classic style of car if you go and ruin it with a modern paint style? Paint has changed pretty much entirely since back in the 60s and 70s, and can really ruin the look of a classic vehicle. For anyone concerned about this, we can help you find the right kind of paints that match the colour and style of the real thing.

These paints come in various styles and colours, and can be just what you need to start making an active difference to an old Mustang that is fading.

Classic Restoration Tools

Specialist toolsTrying to restore a classic vehicle is going to be folly if you don’t have the right tools. Standards and skills have changed entirely since the Mustang was the modern king of the roads, so you need to use the right equipment to fix your vehicle otherwise you risk damaging it.

With these tool kits you can take part of any kind of repair or restoration job you might need to. You’ll have all of the authentic tools that would have been used back in the day, kept in perfect condition and ensured to give you the push that you need.

Console Parts

Centre consoleConsole parts can be hard to find – especially in the right condition –but we have a wide selection to pick from that varies from the Complete Overhead Console to the GT Console making sure you have the perfect choice of style for you. Note that these are reproductions as the majority of normal console parts are simply incapable of being used today.

It helps you get the same functionality, the same style and everything else in a re-mastered format that works just as the originals would have. If you need a console to just finish off your car, start here.

Convertible Top

convertible roofOne of the most prominent features of the Mustang was its convertible top – who doesn’t want to feel like a secret agent whilst they drive around in their supercar, fit with a convertible roof? Give your hair that extra breeze it needs when on those long summer drives with a simple to use convertible roof.

Whether you want to add one in or totally replace the one you have, we can provide you with all the help that you need to do just that. We also have documentation available to help you get the right understanding of what needs done.


Engine fanKeeping a car nice and cool is always going to be very important, but cooling systems can be a regular problem for motorists. Are you struggling with problems from your own cooling system? Then you should consider making some changes. A cooling system is something you’ll need for the summer months, but also to help make sure the car stays nice and fresh – the lack of air alternatives can make the car quite uncomfortable to sit in.

Whether you need to replace the whole system or just some specific parts is entirely up to you – but we make sure you can get all of the cooling parts necessary.

Dash Area

Dash topsLooking to change or replace your dash area? Then you’ll find plenty of solutions available. The dah can be something that takes a lot of wear and tear to need replacing, but in many classic Mustangs it can eventually need replacing.

A dash board change can be the solution you need to make your car feel a bit more vibrant. Over time, the dashboards can take a lot of minor damage that become noticeable so whether it’s a scuffed front or a broken instrument, you’ll find an easy and cost-effective solution for your car here.

Dash/Steering Column Electrical

Electical steering partsElectrical replacements for a Mustang can be like gold dust to find for some, but we can help you find whatever you need. The electrical components in your vehicle need to be operational to give you full and safe functionality, so if anything isn’t working you can get an easy replacement or workaround here.

We provide various parts that include signal parts, horn parts and underdash wiring loom. It’s important to make sure that every aspect of your car is working properly and when problems do arise, you can get a solution that makes sure your vehicle is going to be running safe and sound for the foreseeable future.


Ford logo decalThe small additions are what made the Mustang such a well-loved and respected vehicle in the past, and we have access to many of the small decal sections you simply need to have for the real, authentic Ford experience.

These small decals can be anything from engine compartment decals to air cleaners and even the famous Ford logo. Whatever it is you need, we’ll have all of the old classics waiting for you that can help raise the quality and authenticity of your classic car considerably. Decals are a cost-effective way to spice up your vehicle’s look and feel considerably.

Door/Window Hardware

Door handleTrying to find a simple solution to making sure that your doors and windows are working fine? Then you’ll get a fine selection here. Door handles, latches, hinges and everything else all have to be perfect working order to make sure that your car is both easy to use and safe.

When vehicle doors and windows start to lose their effectiveness and become hard to adjust, it’s probably time to start thinking about replacements. Our stock boasts just about everything you could possibly need to replace in any Mustang’s doors.


Pony emblemAuthenticity is so important in a classic car – otherwise, what’s the point? Nobody wants to pay hundreds of pounds and spend many hours driving a replica around. When you want to make sure that your car has that classic look we all loved to see so much, you can find a fine selection of name plates, emblem kits, hood ornaments and much more to pick from.

Make sure that you don’t need to drive a car that feels bare and include all of the excellent little emblems and spoilers that make them so characteristic in the first place!

Engine Compartment Electrical

AlternatorWithout an engine that is running safe and sound, your car is under pretty severe threat. Engine problems can start off small but soon become an expensive nightmare that can set you back massively – make sure that any problems are dealt with quickly and easily with the right electrical replacements. We stock a wide selection of engine compartment electrical supplies so that you are able to keep your car on the road and out of the garage.

This can be solutions like voltage regulators, wire looms for the headlamp or battery parts – whatever you need, we can help you get a cost-effective and easy solution.

Engine Dress-Up & Hardware

Engine dress-upOver time you can find that many of the small instruments that serve as additional protection and as covers for certain parts of the car can begin to get quite worn. When this happens, you should consider making replacements as these small instruments can be very useful in keeping your vehicle running effectively and avoiding any problems in these areas from starting.

It could be anything from an engine pulley to oil pans that you need, we’ll be able to help you find an easy solution that will keep your Mustang ticking along quite nicely.

Engine Performance & Gaskets

Gasket setWhilst the Mustang will be an all-time classic and we should still be talking about its impact on the market when we have hovercars, without the engine that made it so unique at the time it would never have had the same reputation. If you still proudly drive a Mustang and find that the engine is beginning to fail, then you might want to look in here.

We stock plenty of simple solutions such as head gaskets, air filters, camshaft gears and air cleaners amongst many other options for optimal engine performance. Let your car roar down the roads instead of puffing along needing replacements!


Exhaust manifoldNobody wants to have a poor exhaust that sounds bad or is a struggle to keep working effectively. If you’ve been let down too many times in the past by a car exhaust that really needs replaced, you’ll find all the help you need in here.

Exhaust problems can lead to several problems elsewhere so whether it’s an issue with your header pipe or if it’s the exhaust pipe itself that needs replaced entirely we can help you find a simple solution. Exhaust problems can be a real issue due to rarity, but we have many Mustang exhaust parts available.

Exterior Lamp Electrical

Rear lightsThinking of driving your classic at night? Then you need to have strong and effective exterior lamps. It’s not only quite dangerous to drive like this, it’s a legal problem. Make sure that if you are going to be taking your Mustang out on the roads at night that your lights are working just fine.

Whether it’s the head lamp, the tail lamps or anything else that might need fixed you’ll find we have something perfectly suitable for you.

Awareness and safety is more important than ever, especially when you are driving a classic car so if you need replacements or restorations make this a priority!

Fasteners & Master Fastener Kits

button styleTrying to fit quality fastener kits? Then you’ll get all the help you need here. Fasteners can be something that many might forget about until the last minute but they are a vital part of safe and simple restoration of any good classic car.

If you want to make sure that your car looks the very best it can, and also ensure that it retains its value, then you should look through our fasteners which cover various sections of the car including the engine, the chassis and the body.

Ford Original Tooling Dash Pads

Dash padsOne of the big problems is finding authentic replacements for some of the minor features that simply aren’t even dealt with anymore. Smaller parts of the car like the dash pads can be hard to find just about anywhere now, but if you want to find a simple and effective solution then you’ll get what you need here. Our stocks include a variety of different tooling dash pads that have been re-created to the absolute limit of authenticity and quality. We take great pride in the quality of our work and make sure that you get something you can use to add those finishing touches.


Fuel cap chromeFuel is obviously something that every car is going to need, and we make sure that you are able to replacement parts and restorations easily. We stock fuel pumps, accelerators, fuel caps and many other sections including individual fuel tank parts to give you as much choice as you need.

Without the right fuel parts in place it can be pretty much impossible to drive your car – make sure that you can use it properly with ease, by making the most of our fine selection of engine fuel additions. This can be a big problem if you neglect this, so check out your Mustang and make sure it’s got properly working fuel sections. If not, we’ll have the solution you need right here.


Selection of glass productsGetting the right replacement for glass has been a problem in the past for many people as the cost can become outrageous. However, with our help, this does not need to be a problem any further. we stock replacement glass kits as well as all the glass you could need for any section of the Mustang that has been damaged.

Don’t’ let the price of glass elsewhere stop you fixing up your car properly with easy glass replacements.

Grille & Grille Molding

Front grilleLooking to jazz up your car a bit? Then no sure-fire Mustang is not complete without awesome grille designs at the front. Not only is a grille awesome looking, though, they also have specific uses – they can make your car look totally different and help mold it into a whole new style.

If you are looking to sell a Mustang then a grille is an absolute must – when buying classic cars everyone loves to get the most that they can. If you are looking to sell your car you might want to consider looking into adding grilling on as a sweetener.


Heating partNobody wants to get into a cold car, never mind a car that’s so comfortable and enjoyable to be in as a Mustang. The heating system in here can be sorted with minimal fuss, you simply need to replace specific parts or – if need be – the heating system itself. We’ve got all the tools you would need to get the job done with the absolute minimum of fuss, so let us help you get started quickly and easily with heating replacements.

Heating is something you need to have fixed if you are looking to sell, too, so consider that if you are looking to make a profit on your car. However, heating is more important than just for a sales reason – a lack of heat in your car can bring with it a whole slew of problems, so avoid these issues with easy to fit heating replacement systems.

Hood & Trunk Hardware

hardwareMaking sure that your car’s hood and trunk have the right kind of fittings is very important. You don’t want the hinges to wear out and leave you with a loose or hard to open door, so it can always be useful to make the change to something else instead.


Spark plugsWithout the right ignition parts your car is going to be nothing more than an ornament – therefore, it’s always very useful to get a ignition replacement as quickly as you can. We make sure that you have a safe and sound vehicle to drive that has a long-term ignition that will actually work for the long-term.

What you need for your ignition will vary, so we stock everything from spark plug sets to distributor points to make sure you are covered regardless of what the problem was. Make sure your car can drive safe and sound with ignition replacements.


Fuel and temp gaugeHaving all of the correct indicators in in front of you is so important – things like a cars speed, the temperature and even the way the product is fitted into the dashboard is all very important. Not only is it important from an aesthetic viewpoint, but it makes sure that your Mustang is providing you with functional information back.

If you’re stuck for replacements for some of the instruments then we can give you access to the right gauges and instruments you need to bring your car back up to a glorious average at an affordable price.

Interior Hard Trim & Hardware

Seatbelt setThe inside of a car is very important to get right, and none more so than when you are dealing with classics such as a Ford Mustang. Everything from the insulation and the watershields to keep the car dry and warm are massively important to having a safe and comfortable ride in your car.

You might also need new seatbelts or coat books – whatever it is that you actually need, we’ll have it in stock. We make sure that no car is left with a bare looking interior, guaranteeing your vehicle keeps both its class and its value for many years to come.

Interior Lamp & Electrical

interior lampThe interior lighting inside your car is something that many might not think is too important, especially if you do your driving in the day. but the electrical systems that manage his are usually conjoined with many other aspects of the interior lighting, such as your break warning lights and seatbelt reminders. To keep your car up to date with modern security standards you need to deal with these problems.

We have a fine selection to choose from if you are looking to change the colour or style of your interior lighting, or if you need to source a replacement.

Interior Soft Trim

Black seatThe interior of any good car is going to feel homely and comforting, but without the right tools it can be hard to make it so. With a wide choice of different interior soft trims to choose from we can make sure you can find the right improvements to make your Mustang better – and more comfortable – than ever.

These changes are cost-effective and ensure you can have a car that looks and feels just as you intended, with everything from carpets to upholstery provided to give you all the choices you need for a high-end restoration of the car’s interior.


wing mirrorMirrors are something you always need to have in place for many reasons – not only so that you can see your own lovely reflection, but so that you have total vision of all of your surroundings on and off the road. Sourcing mirror replacements can be a thankless task, however, but we make it easier than ever before with a fine selection of quality mirrors.

We stock various kinds of awesome mirrors that range from the Bullet style for the exterior mirrors to the mirror pads you’ll need to make the mirrors as strong as they can be.

Resto-Mod Parts

blue LED dashboard clusterRestoration and modification is all part of the fun when you own a vehicle like this, and it can be no more enjoyable than when you get to start changing up things like the disc brakes or even the headrests inside. This section of the site gives you incredible variance in what you can change and adjust within your car from the seatbelt style to the style of radiators that are used inside the car.

You can literally modify just about everything “minor” about your Mustang from here, or find able replacements for any broken parts of the car.


Steering wheelDepending on the steering wheel that you choose, you’ll have a lot of variance depending on what else you wish to change. we have many other small parts that you might wish to look at as well if your own steering wheel just needs a bit of restoration, rather than total replacement.

You obviously need a steering wheel to drive a car, but making sure it’s both secure and comfortable to use is so incredibly important – don’t ever drive with a car that feels too loose or stiff in the steering. Make the adjustments needed with our various solutions through steering pumps and power steering to full rods and steering columns.

Stripe Kits

side stripesChanging up the style of a car is usually an expensive procedure that can leave you out of pocket for minor changes – with our stripe kits, though; you can get artistic for a minimal cost. They’ll let you change the car slightly and make it look far different to how it did before whether you want to include just a basic stripe design or something a bit more outlandish.

Give your car a little makeover and add another layer of unique style to it with one of our stripe kits.

Suspension Parts

armsAny vehicle that you can trust to get you from A to B needs a solid and reliable suspension. If you’ve owned your Mustang for a while and never have had any suspension problems, then you are very lucky – suspension problems are very common with cars.

If you are noticing signs of wear and tear, or it’s outright finished, you can find total replacements or smaller replacements with us. We provide many solutions such as shock absorbers, leaf springs, coil springs and suspension bushings to help pad out their durability and make your car a more comfortable – and safe –ride.

Transmission Parts

GearboxTransmission parts can be a bit of a rarity if you don’t know where to look, and are very important to make sure that your car is safe to drive on the roads. We have a varied selection as the transmission can be such a hard part to sort.

We include RAM clutches, pedal pad kits, universal joint pieces and even speedometer parts as just some of what we have to offer.

If you are suffering from transmission failures then you will get what you need here – you’ll get no mixed signals from our strong, durable replacement pieces.

Trunk Area

hingesThe trunk area of a Mustang can be one of the harder areas to make unique and interesting – but we have some nice solutions to make it feel a bit more alive. With mats and covers to help cover up the trunk area and make it feel more homely, we also have tote bags that will let you carry products and avoid the trunk from becoming a jumbo sale.

However, we also provide many useful repair parts for the trunk if anything in particular is beginning to let you own. We provide trunk parts that can restore performance and keep your trunk safe for usage.


WeatherstrippingWeatherstripping can be a very useful addition to any car, as it will help keep out the air and also ensure that the elements don’t come through where you wished they wouldn’t. this stops any unexpected puddles forming in the car, for example, and ensures that you can get a comfortable and easy drive where you are going.

Make your trips much easier, more comfortable and safer with these weatherstripping solutions that can reduce corrosion and help to keep the car sturdier and stronger overall. If you like to keep the weather out, weatherstripping is an absolute must.


Wheel trim (cap)Getting the right wheels for a car is one of the most important things – wheels have always been one of the premium attractions for any vehicle. If you want to make your car stand out and look the part, you should really consider looking at our wheels. They can improve the performance, stability, look and value of your car all in one.

Finding the right wheels for a Mustang can be a bit of a challenge today, so we make it easier than ever with properly designed wheels that will fit your car properly instead of having to make do. They come in various brands and styles, so you can get something that feel really comfortable with easily.

Wiper Parts

Wiper armsThe wipers are something that you are going to need, especially if you are driving around in Britain where the rain seems to be the order of each and every day. Your wipers can become a bit weak over time and need fixing, so if you do find this problem occurs you should really consider looking at the replacement parts we provide.

As well as having well wipers, we have smaller sections that you might require instead of full kits so if it’s just a minor problem you can get it solved easily.