65-73 Mustang Dash/Steering Column Electrical

We have 65-73 Mustang dash/steering column electrical parts in stock and are getting new items shipped in every month. If you need a 60-73 Mustang turn signal parts, a 64-68 Mustang underdash wiring loom or 64-73 Mustang horn parts, we have them in stock and ready to ship out. We also have a 1970-73 Mustang 2 spoke steering wheel pad –back and 1965-67 Mustang deluxe steering wheel insulation hardware kit available for immediate sale.

Your car’s dash and steering column electrical system is extremely important. When it is not working as it should, it can be difficult to steer correctly, the horn may not work properly and the turning signals may not function. Each of these malfunctions can be extremely dangerous if not corrected. Below, you will find many of the parts that you need to either install the aforementioned systems or fix them if broken.

We do make a concerted effort to add new products to our 65-73 Mustang dash/steering column electric section. Each month we add new items. If you are someone who routinely fixes up Mustangs or will be working on your own car for an extended period of time, you may want to bookmark this page and check back to see what items we have added to our inventory of dash and steering column electrical parts.


60-73 Mustang Turn Signal Parts
60-73 Turn Signal Parts
64-68 Mustang Underdash Wiring Loom
64-68 Underdash Wiring Loom
64-73 Mustang Horn Parts
Horn Parts
65-66 Mustang Pony Wheel Contact Plate
65-66 Pony Wheel Contact Plate
65-73 Mustang Other