65-73 Mustang Exhaust

If you need 65-73 Mustang exhaust parts, please take a look at our selection listed below. We have an array of components and parts that when properly installed, will allow you to repair any problems you’re having with your exhaust system.

Below, you will find 65-73 Mustang exhaust components, 65-73 Mustang exhaust pipe/gaskets and 65-73 Mustang header pipe/stud/nuts. We recently added the following, a 1966-73 Mustang 289,302,351 W-Concours Fastener kit-Exhaust manifold to header pipe studs/nuts and 1965-66 Mustang Dual Exhaust Tips - Tailpipe Extension Molding, RH or LH. We will be adding more 65-73 Mustang exhaust parts to this section on a continuous.

When restoring your 65-73 Mustang, you will want to make sure that every part is working properly. One of your vehicle’s most important systems is the exhaust system. The exhaust system, when working properly, will ensure that exhaust gases quickly and efficiently escape. This allows the car’s engine to “breathe better” and expel spent fuel and air from the combustion more quickly.

Restoring or repairing a classic Mustang is an involved undertaking but one that is well worth it. There are fewer cars more impressive or which evoke as much nostalgia, emotion and pride as the 65-73 Mustang. Repairing it so that it is in full working order is the duty of every true-blue muscle car owner.


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