65-73 Mustang Exterior Lamp Electrical

It is extremely important that your exterior lamp electrical system is in good condition. Not having working headlines is more then just an inconvenience it’s downright dangerous if you plan on ever driving your car at night. Fortunately, a 65-73 Mustang exterior lamp electrical malfunction is a pretty easy fix. For you do-it-yourselfers, we have the parts you’ll need to repair your exterior lamps’ electrical system.

Below, you’ll find our entire inventory of 65-73 Mustang exterior lamp electrical parts. Included is a 64-72 Mustang parking lamp, 65-70 Mustang back up lamp, 65-70 Mustang turn signal and 68-73 Mustang side maker lamp. We also have 1967-68 Mustang Back-Up Lamp Switches and 1967-68 Mustang Back Up Lamp Kit - Back Up Lamp Bodies in stock.

If you plan on driving your 65-73 Mustang, you will need to make sure that all of the parts work properly. Some repairs will be more expensive and extensive then others. Repairing the exterior lamp electrical system is one of the least costly and easiest to fix. Completely installing exterior lamps can be a little more expensive but all things considered, even this is cheaper fix then many other Mustang restoration and repair projects.


64-72 Mustang Parking Lamp
64-72 Parking Lamp
64-73 Mustang Head Lamp
Head Lamp
64-73 Mustang Tail Lamp
Tail Lamp
65-70 Mustang Back Up Lamp
65-70 Back Up Lamp
65-70 Mustang Turn Signal
65-70 Turn Signal
65-73 Mustang Other
68-73 Mustang Side Maker Lamp
68-73 Side Maker Lamp