65-73 Mustang Heating

If you live in a cold weather area, having the heat go out in your vehicle can be quite problematic. The heat in your Mustang can fail for a plethora of reasons. Once you have figured out why the heating system has stopped working and are ready to purchase the parts necessary to fix it, you will find that we probably have the part that you need.

Below, you will find our complete selection of 65-73 Mustang heating parts. We have 1960-70 Mustang Heater Hose Elbow Fittings (Straight, 6 Cyl. W/O A/C), Mustang Heater Case Clips, 970-73 Mustang Heater Hose Elbow Fittings - 351-2V, a 1969-73 Mustang Heater Motor - W/O Integral AC and 1965-66 Mustang Heater Temperature Cable Assembly - Cable kit (Includes Heat, Defroster & Temperature Cables), plus an array of others items.

Our 65-73 Mustang heating products includes items that you’ll find necessary in repairing your heating system. Each of our parts is manufactured to scale and compatible with 65-73 Mustangs. Our prices are comparable, if not lower, then many other Mustang parts dealers.
If you have any questions or concerns about the products we have in stock, please send us an email. Details about each of these items can be found on their individual, product description pages.


60-73 Mustang Other
60-73 Other
64-70 Mustang Assembly
64-70 Assembly
65-73 Mustang Reproduction Heater Hose/Core
Reproduction Heater Hose/Core
65-73 Mustang Temperature Cable Assembly
Temperature Cable Assembly