65-73 Mustang Weatherstripping

Weather stripping in vehicles has several functions. It helps to keep out air, wind and rain, ensuring that you are comfortable and dry while riding in the car. It is routinely placed around car doors, the hood and windows. We have 65-73 weather stripping products below for those of you who need them. Currently in stock are 65-73 Mustang Body Rubber Plug Kits, 65-73 Mustang Weathers Strip Kits and 65-73 Mustang Belt Line Weather Strip Kits, amongst other great items all designed to keep you and the elements separated when riding in your Mustang.

The second primary function of weather stripping is to keep away what could be corrosive moisture around the windows. Weather stripping also works to cushion the area where the body panel and door connects. This is true for the trunk, tailgate and hood as well.

Proper weather stripping is one of the best things you can do for your car. If you value being warm, comfortable and dry while driving in your Mustang, you must make an effort to adequately weather strip your car. Below, you will find many of the tools that will help you do the job. If you need quality 65-73 Mustang weather stripping, you’ll find it below.


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65-73 Mustang Belt Line Weatherstrip Kits
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65-73 Mustang Body Rubber Plug Kits
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65-73 Mustang Weatherstrip Kits
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